About Our Products

There are no chemicals or preservatives added to our shea butters. We’ve been adamant from day one about not using any artificial stabilizers or other chemical aids in our products. We feel like there are enough toxins and poisons in the very air we breathe, and will not intentionally put them on our skin (or yours), and thus in our bodies. Skin is our largest organ, what you put on it, you essentially put in your body.  You can read, identify and pronounce the ingredients in our all natural, plant based products.

The operative word in Shea Butter is butter. As such, our butters react like, well…, butter. Shea Butter has a 76º melt point. Whipped Shea Butter is light, creamy and easily absorbed, and will melt when exposed to excess heat. Don’t fret, you can refrigerate it for a short time and will coagulate back to normal should your butter liquefy.  While the product can be used in liquid form, similar to baby oil, we recommend storing in a cool dry place to prevent this from happening. How do you determine what's cool?  Let's just say, if it's melting, that's not cool!  Leaving it in your car or near a heater, not a good idea.

We've used recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. The only impression we we are attempting to leave is the soft, smooth, wonderful smell and feel of your skin when using our products. 

Because our products are handcrafted to order, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.  They will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail to insure they reach you with the highest possible quality.

Suggested Uses:

Whipped Butter Dream Cream:

This light face cream is loaded with good stuff! Be careful though, a little goes a long way.  It can be used day or night to moisturize.  Apply lightly to a clean face.  It may appear to go on oily, but don't fret.  It absorbs easily and will not interfere with the application of make up.

Bath and Shower Finishing Sugar Scrub:

You can use this as a hand or foot scrub however, I occasionally like to exfoliate my whole body. After washing in the bath or shower, apply the scrub to your entire body, rub (to exfoliate), rinse and pat dry.  You should feel soft, smooth and moisturized.  You can stop here, or for an extra measure of moisture, follow up with a Whipped Shea Body Butter.

Whipped Shea Body Butter:

Say goodbye to lotion forever! In a variety of scents, this luscious Shea Butter will leave you moisturized and smelling wonderful from head to toe (can also be used as a hair dressing).  If you dare to show some skin, bling it up a notch with a Shea Butter with Shimmer. 

All Natural Deodorant:

We'll start by saying this is not an anti-perspirant.  Perspiration or sweat, is our bodies tool for cooling and riding itself of toxins.  The bacteria released in the toxins cause the unpleasant odor associated with our sweat.  Our natural deodorant will alleviate the smell, while allowing the body to do its job in releasing toxins.  As you use the product, you will notice over a period of time you sweat less and with no odor.  It can be applied externally to any areas where you experience sweat and odor.

Lip Butter:

Our lip butters are a blend of Shea, Coco and Mango Butters. They contain just a touch of plant based wax. The flavored lip butters additionally contain essential oil. This excellent lip moisturizer and can be worn under your desired lipstick.

Fragrance Oils:

Some of our Whipped Body Butters have companion fragrance oils. If you'd like to touch up your fragrance as you transition through your day without needing to apply more Whipped Shea Body Butter, our perfume oils are the perfect way.

We would be interested in hearing how you Shea!  Please share your Shea stories with us on Instagram - @KissMyButte.net_; on Facebook - Kiss My Butter; on Twitter - @KissMyButter_.  Look for our logo