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Alicia began formulating natural personal hygiene products for women, men, youth and babies decades ago. She is called upon to provide natural solutions for common and unique skin and hair concerns.

We offer natural body butters, fragrance oils, deodorant, healing and skin repairing face moisturizer, lip butters, and T-shirts.

I love this products. It glides on and then "melts" in your skin. Not a greasy product. Your skin feels soft and silky! Also has a great face moisturizer! Lavender and Lemon are my favorite right now. Lemon perks me up in the morning and lavender winds me down at night.


I was blessed and privileged to try a few samples while in Israel recently and it was such a powerful product, I must have more now! :) As a man, I must have skin that's not rough yet thoroughly masculine that exudes an aromatic gush of freshness. My wife and I will enjoy this product for years to come. I also just saw the deodorant, simply incredible, visionary and imaginatively creative. I pray God's abundant blessings on your efforts!


Not only has my "butter" enhanced my skin tone and overall facial radiance, it has helped to alleviate symptoms of eczema that would sometimes appear on my face and elbows!!!!

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Kiss My Butter formulates our body butters with high quality shea butter and organic plant oils. Our products easily absorb into the skin, hydrate the skin and will relieve the driest and most irritated skin.


Did you know that the U.S. FDA only bans or restricts around 11 chemicals compared to the 1,328 banned chemicals by the European Union? You would be even more worried if you learnt that many of these poorly regulated substances are associated and linked to all kinds of harmful side effects, including skin irritation, birth defects and even cancer. Source.

These toxins and cheap fillers are absorbed directly by your skin, building up over time. Some stop your skin breathing naturally, can cause or worsen skin conditions such as acne and eczema and many have even been listed as having as carcinogenic properties.

Worse yet, many of these compounds sit on the surface of your skin (like your hands and lips) and can be easily ingested by you or the people you come into contact with.


There are numerous conditions associated with dry, dull and damaged hair. This is common in all age groups.

The key to healthy hair is moisturized hair. Our body butter easily absorbs into the scalp and hair strands. It can be used for twist outs and it can also be used on natural and synthetic hair (including weaves and wigs).

We provide our clients with healthy hair tips, including DIY hair treatments.

Alicia Vaca, CEO, Creator and Formulator

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