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Welcome to our store! We're rebuilding our online store, but will be open to serve you soon! You can contact us at, for your immediate needs or questions. Kiss My Butter™ is a line of all natural, Shea Butter body care products. Our butters are designed to nourish your skin, tantalize your senses, and leave you feeling kissably soft. We use no additives or preservatives, just natural Shea Butter, plant oils, and essential oils. Our butters are rich, decadent and literally melt into your skin. Handmade with love, we hope you feel both hugged and kissed when wearing our products. It is our belief, that the creator has provided us with everything we need to sustain ourselves on this planet, both internally and externally. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. Our deodorants are not antiperspirants, but are designed to allow your body to utilize it's built in cooling and detoxifying process; "sweating," without the potentially unpleasant odor which often accompanies sweat. Our sugar scrubs are intended to be shower finishing scrubs. After you've showered, as a final step, apply our Shea Butter sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the skin (w/sugar), and soothe and moisturize the skin (w/Shea Butter). You're now ready to rinse, pat dry and dress for the day. Or, for an extra measure of skin nourishing hydration, apply your favorite whipped Shea Butter. With hope that you enjoy wearing our products, as much as we love making them, we do have to warn you: While wearing our Shea Butters, someone may just be tempted to kiss your butter...we're just saying! Kisses! - The Team @ Kiss My Butter™

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